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Whiteboard Explainer Videos or Regular Videos – What is The Right Choice?

Explainer videos have been out there for a while now because business owners finally realized that people would much rather watch a 90 second video than read two pages worth of text. Creating any type of explainer video can be a very time consuming and costly job so before you even start doing any of the work it is important that you figure out what type of explainer video is the right one for your business and what will benefit your product or service the most. Choosing between whiteboard explainer videos and regular videos can be challenging, and of course there are some pros and cons to both types so in this article we will discuss some of those pros and cons to help make the decision easier for you.

Whiteboard videos

These videos have a very recognizable format that has the ability to immediately attract viewers and hold their attention until the end. The hand that is drawing with a black-ink pen on a whiteboard is something that is very familiar to people which is another reason for why these videos are so liked. Something that is a big pro about these videos is the fact that there is no type of information that cannot be made interesting when put in a whiteboard explainer video. They can be written and designed in such a way that they make any information interesting and fun so that you can capture the attention of the viewers with even the most boring subject out there. Another great thing about these videos is that they are very economical to make which is not really the case with most types of videos and they also don’t need to be updated frequently if the product undergoes any changes and that also cuts down on the costs. Something that is considered to be a con of these videos is the fact that is it pretty much impossible to create whiteboard explainer videos in which there are multiple characters that interact with each other or speak to one another and some people feel that this makes the video feel very impersonal and doesn’t allow the viewers to connect to the subject.


Regular videos

This is pretty much any other type of explainer video. These videos are known for the fact that they are very short and despite that are still great tools that really have a way of attracting the viewer while showcasing the most important features and benefits of a certain product or service. A great pro of regular videos is that they offer the designers of the videos to give very detailed images of the products that they are featuring. This is something that will really come in handy if you have a very specific piece of equipment or a specific type of product because it will allow you to show the viewer exactly what it looks like instead of having to draw it out in a whiteboard video.


Something that could be considered a con about regular videos is the fact that they tend to cost a lot of money to make. Now, you can always sit down and make one yourself, but if you are new to it or simply not very good, you risk making a poor video. The same goes if you use a production group that is non-professional and in both cases you can end up with a video that isn’t good and that will make, both, the product and the company look bad. The only way to assure this doesn’t happen is to go to a really good production team and have them make the video but that can cost thousands which is not something that every company can afford.

As you can see, both regular and whiteboard explainer videos have some pros and cons that can really affect the decision that you make. The main point is that both types of videos are really effective and can help you promote your business and product and it all comes down to what you feel would suit the business better and will showcase the product in the best light possible.