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The whole point of explainer videos is to make contact with your potential clients. Read this article and discover how to make a powerful CTA and end your explainer video like a pro!


One of the most important steps when making explainer videos is including a call to action in the end. This is the step where you need to speak, close the deal, and convince the viewer to actually make a move and do something such as purchase your product or use your service. If the viewers have watched the video to completion, they have shown a clear interest in your business and brand so all you have to do now is prompt the ask.

A call to action or as we know it CTA is the move or the action you want the viewer to make after watching your video. The ultimate goal is to have site visitors who would give you contact information and details or engage with more or your content.

So, what type of Call to Action should you use in your explainer videos?

If viewers watch your explainer videos on YouTube, all you need to do is ask. You need to include a customized link to the landing page of your site which is specially dedicated to getting the viewer the information they are looking for and then seal the deal. The ultimate goal with YouTube is to get the viewer to your official site. There are so many videos and interesting things that could distract the viewers on YouTube which is why you need to get them to your own playground, a place where you can control the flow of content and experience they consume.

Now that you have your viewers’ attention, it means they have already expressed a certain interested in your video. Please don’t ruin a great opportunity by telling them to visit your site for more information. This is so cliche. They are already on your site, so give them directions what should they actually do.

You need to choose the right CTA based on your target group and what you are asking of them. You can include pop-out CTAs or embed contact forms at the end of the video.

You will probably want to get creative and fun too. Here are a few great ideas you can consider:

  • Ask a question
  • Free trial
  • Sign up for a webinar
  • Fill out a short form

These are a few examples to get started, but you will have to find your own method that is relative to your business.