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Explainer videos can enhance conversions by 80%, but great or effective videos don’t just happen. Here are the most important ingredients to make perfect explainer videos!


Today, it is pretty challenging to get people to pay attention to your business or brand. Why?

Well, because the competition is on whole different level. The competitors are smarter and all they are trying to do is step away from the crowd and differentiate from the rest.

According to one research, you have only 8 seconds to capture the attention of the visitors, so you need to act fast. With a limited time to grab visitor’s attention, having an unclear, ambiguous or unaesthetic landing page is not an option. You need to take things further and find a way to connect with your visitors. Our recommendation is to start using explainer videos.

Explainer videos can enhance conversions by 80% and grab visitor’s attention immediately, however, great or effective videos don’t just happen. You need to work really hard to make an amazing explainer video.

In this article, we are going to share the most important ingredients to make perfect explainer videos:

  1. Compelling script – Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and create a compelling script they would love to see. Consider the ambitions, desires, and problems your customers have and write a script that addresses them.
  2. Amazing visuals – Visuals play a crucial role in the explainer videos. The style of the visuals should depend on the industry, business, niche, as well as, the product or service offered. A comedic, lighthearted video for an artistic or serious product is a huge mistake. You need to create an appropriate video, with an appropriate content that is suitable for your type of business and the products or services you are selling. Make a video that will help your brand stand out.
  3. Original music – If you want to make a perfect explainer video you must avoid generic music at all costs. Keep in mind that if your music sounds like it was downloaded from a stock library for free rather than made specifically for the video project, it is not a great start. We recommend you to hire an expert producer who will tailor the music to the content of the video. Original music is the key to having a successful explainer video.
  4. The X-factor – The X-factor is the difference between a viral sensation and an effective video. If you want your new video to not only present your offerings but work for you as an effective marketing tool, think about creative ways in which you can stand out from the others and offer something unique.

Good luck!