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Looking for a way to rank higher on YouTube? Look no further and check out these great marketing tips that will help your explainer videos rank on the first YouTube pages!


Are you using videos in your marketing or social media strategy? Are you looking for ways to get them ranked higher on YouTube? If yes, you have come to the right place as in this article, we will show you a few great tips on how to grow your reach on the most popular video search engine by optimizing your channel, your video content, and your SEO efforts.

It is a clear fact that videos have become a number one choice between marketers as they are perfect for wrapping up complicated concepts and ideas, they are visually compelling, and they are also easily shareable. Besides, they are great to use to maximize conversion rates and increase audience retention.

We all know that YouTube is the best place to host your videos. This platform is the second largest social media website in the world, so there is no need to tell you why you have to host your videos on this platform.

However. Getting to the front page of YouTube is not easy at all. If you want to become popular on YouTube, you need to optimize your videos, the content, and everything around them.

Here are 3 great marketing tips that will help your explainer videos rank higher on YouTube:

  1. Make it educational – If you want your explainer video rank on the first YouTube page, you need to be educational and help your audience solve their problem as how-to and educational videos are among the most popular videos to be shared online.
  2. Aim for the highest quality – Your new video needs to be of the finest quality in order to beat the competition. People usually avoid poorly-crafted videos, especially when they are looking to spend their money on that brand. So, if you want your explainer videos rank higher on YouTube, please pay attention to the quality of the videos.
  3. Keep the headline relevant – The headline of the video has to present the message in a few words, so make sure to pay attention to the words you are choosing and be extremely careful. Include only relevant keywords in it.

By applying these tips to your marketing strategy will definitely help you rank higher!